In Japanese pharmaceutical law, exhibitors who wish to import medication (drug, quasi-drug, cosmetics or medical devices) for business purpose to Japan have to get "Yakkan Shoumei (certificate)" from Japanese government. The organizer, TVO EXPRO Ltd., apply for "Yakkan Shoumei" on behalf of exhibitors. The secretariat charges the exhibitor a fee JPY 27,500 (including consumption tax) per application. Please note that items are categorized and in case of import items fall into multiple categories, the exhibitors need to submit the necessary documents for each. If the exhibitors wish to bring 2 categories of items, the secretariat charges them JPY 55,000 (including consumption tax). For more details, please visit our website and check the guideline. Every exhibitor who needs "Yakkan Shoumei" can NOT hand-carry these items into Japan, so the exhibitor has to send them by courier (air or ship). Also, "Yakkan Shoumei" is only for temporary import for the exhibition, and the approved items must be returned after the show. When the exhibitor has submitted required forms to the secretariat, it shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of contract and the content of this guideline.
If you are in Korea, Taiwan or China, you should contact our sales representative in each area.
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3,000W x 3,000D x 2,700H (mm) / Booth

*This is the minimum unit to be accepted as a regular booth. The booking will be accepted on a booth unit basis. If booking for more than 4 regular booths (36 sq.m.) the exhibitor can choose either double line combination or single line combination. For 36 sq.m. booking : the secretariat can arrange both 6m x 6m, double line or 3m x 12m, single line according to the request by the exhibitor.
If you have any inquiry about the booth size, please consult with the secretariat.


Type A JPY 341,000/ Booth

*Raw Space only

Exhibitors will have to order the booth construction company for the booth construction by themselves. If exhibitors need some help for that, please consult with the secretariat.

Type B
JPY 363,000/ Booth

*Type B includes Basic Stand (Back and Side panels with Fascia Board) and company name board.

"Package Booth" is available only for the exhibitors who book "Type B".
Items included in the Package Booth:Punched Carpet, Reception Counter ×1, Folding Chair ×1, Company Name Board ×1, Booth Construction and Dismantling fee

Type B


Exhibitors must bear all expenses that are needed for their promotion in the show other than booth rental charges such as booth building cost, electricity, compressed air, rental furniture, travel, accommodation, catalogues, and so on. Exhibitors who booked Type B can save some booth building cost.
If you need further information about the cost, please contact the secretariat.


This "Package Booth" is available only for the exhibitor who book "Type B".
Exhibitor who wish to order "Package Booth" must apply for this around middle of February 2024.

Rental Furniture Set

*Prices are for reference only and are subject to change.

Rental Furniture Set

Items included in the package booth:
Punched Carpet, Information Counter, Folding Chair x1, Company Name Board, Booth Construction and Dismantling fee

Electrical Appliances Set

1 Booth JPY 27,500

Includes : LED Fluorescent Light (20w) x 1, LED Spotlight (10w) x 2, Outlet (100v up to 960w) x 1
main power and usage charge for above 1.0kw 100v


Anyone who tries to reserve exhibit space must submit the complete application form through website. After the secretariat receives it, the exhibit space will be secured for the exhibitor. The exhibitor must also be financially responsible for the reserved space. Payment must be completed within 30 (thirty) days after the secretariat issues an invoice. The exhibitor who apply for the show at the first time must pay the Booth Rental Charge within 14 (fourteen) days after the secretariat issues an invoice.
If the exhibitor tries to cancel all or part of the booked space, the exhibitor must inform the secretariat in writing. The date the secretariat receives the letter of cancellation is considered as the official date of cancellation. After the application deadline, the exhibitor will be responsible for all of the cost for the space contract. The exhibitor must pay the cancellation charge in accordance with the undermentioned scale.

Period in which cancellation notice is accepted Cancellation Charge
After January 27, 2024 100% of Total Booth Rental Charge

Note:The secretariat will not accept any tentative reservation for exhibit space. Submission of the complete application form is considered as an official space reservation.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:January 26 (Fri), 2024

Applicants will be put on the waiting list after space is fully booked.
However, the secretariat will not guarantee whether the desired space will be secured.


The secretariat will issue an invoice after processing the complete application form sent by the exhibitor. The exhibitor must make the necessary arrangement of payment within 30 (thirty) days after the date of the invoice issuance. The exhibitor who apply for the show at the first time must pay the Booth Rental Charge within 14 (fourteen) days after the secretariat issues an invoice.

*Application will be turned down if the secretariat has determined that the exhibits don't fit in the contents of the exhibition, or when the space is fully booked, or the payment is not completed appropriately.
*Payment must be made by bank transfer in Japanese Yen at the time of the application.
*Bank transfer charge both side in your country and Japan should be paid by the applicant.
*Please note that the secretariat will not accept credit cards, checks, and money orders.
*The booking with unpaid all or the part of booth rental charge will automatically be cancelled by the secretariat 30 (thirty) days after the issuance of the invoice. The applicant must be aware that the secretariat and the organizer do not accept any complaints about the damage occurred by this rule.


  1. Please apply from our website application form.
  2. After the secretariat has approved, you will receive a confirmation E-mail.
  3. The secretariat will issue you an invoice.
  4. You are requested to pay the full amount of the booth rental charges within 30 (thirty) days after the invoice issuance to secure your booking. (See“Payment Methods”for detail)
  5. Your booth reservation has been completed.



The Floor Plan is arranged by the secretariat after the deadline of the application process.
*The secretariat reserves all rights regarding the floor plan, and no complaints about it will be accepted.


Exhibitor's Packet that includes Exhibitor's Manual, Application Forms for the exhibition preparation, Badges and so on, will be provided to exhibitors around middle of February 2024.
All exhibitors must check everything in the packet and go over the manual carefully. Exhibitors are responsible for doing the preparation promptly and properly within the deadlines designated on the manual.
*The secretariat will not be responsible for any disadvantage that may arise from the failure of doing the preparation of exhibitors.


Please use the ATA Carnet when you ship your exhibition cargo to Japan. If you don't use ATA Carnet, all items must be cleared through regular customs formalities paying applicable duty and consumption tax. Duty and consumption tax you paid can not be refunded.


Due to a natural disaster, force majeure, etc., the organizer may be forced to cancel or suspend the exhibit. In such a situation, the organizer/the secretariat will refund a part of the exhibit fee to the exhibitors after deducting the preparatory expenses and cancellation fees for the venue. In such an instance, the organizer/the secretariat cannot be responsible for the exhibitors' cost and losses.

(1) Any change of show date or venue
Applicants cannot cancel the application due to the change date or venue.

(2) The refund of booth rental charge
When organizers cancel the show before or in the show period, the exhibitor receives a refund according to the following chart. The bank transfer charge for the refund should be paid by exhibitors.
In case the show period is changed, the organizer makes the revised refund chart.

(3) Accidental force
War, riot, rebellion, civil war, terrorism, fire disaster, burst, flood, property loss, malicious damage, strike, controlled-access, the badness of the weather, third-party suspension, national defense, public health threat, suspension or control by government or local government and others that organizer cannot control.

Before Jan. 26, 2024 All of booth rental charge
Jan. 27 -
Feb. 29 
80% of total booth rental charge
Mar. 1 -
Apr. 14
70% of total booth rental charge
Apr. 15 -
Apr. 16
50% of total booth rental charge
Apr. 17 -
Apr. 18
30% of total booth rental charge
After Apr. 19 No refund


If you are required immigration procedures to enter Japan to attend this exhibition, you shall go through immigration at your responsibility, and the organizer shall not take any responsibility for all procedures including immigration and expenses. Also, when you cancel the exhibition because you cannot enter Japan for any reason, you must pay the cancellation fee to the organizer according to the prescribed cancellation charge in the regulation.


Deadline for Application
Jan. 26 (Fri.) , 2024
*Payment must be done within 30(thirty) days after the date of the invoice issuance.

Deadline for Documents
middle of Mar. 2024

Installation of Exhibits
Apr. 15 (Mon.) to Apr. 16 (Tue.), 2024

BARRIER FREE 2024/Post-Acute Medicine Fair 2024/Nursing Next 2024/Home Medical Care 2024
Apr. 17 (Wed.) to Apr. 19 (Fri.), 2024

Dismantlement of Exhibits
From 5:00p.m. - 8:00p.m, Apr. 19 (Fri), 2024

*This schedule may change without notice.