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We're managing specialized exhibitions in "manufacturing", "welfare and medical", "construction" and "education" industries, and have high experience to capture the needs of each field.

INTERMOLD / Die and Mold Asia / Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition

INTERMOLD is the specialized trade fair in the die and mold manufacturing industry to offer the latest solution for mold design, manufacturing, metal press and plastic molding. This is only one platform in Japan to present machine parts and tooling industries.
INTERMOLD in April has taken place in Tokyo and Osaka alternately every year.

Machine tool, Cemented carbide tool, Abrasive material, Precision measuring instrument, Press machine, CAD/CAM/CAE system, Prototype manufacturing, Mold material and other related products.
The people involved Mold manufacturer, Mold user and related mold industry and Metal press, Automobile, Automobile component, Consumer electronics, Information communication equipment, Aircraft parts, Medical parts, Energy related.

INTERMOLD Nagoya/ Die and Mold Asia Nagoya/ Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition Nagoya

INTERMOLD/Die and mold Asia, which have been held for a long time in Osaka and Tokyo, were held in Nagoya in 2018 for the first time.
INTERMOLD offers the latest solution such as a series of steps from Mold design /Manufacturing of metal pressing and plastic molding. You can participate in the exhibition, which supports Japanese manufacturing technology in Nagoya.

Machine Tools, Cemented carbide tool, Abrasive material, Precision measuring instrument, Press machine, CAD / CAM / CAE system, Prototype related, Mold material, Other related products
The people involved Mold manufacturer, Mold user and related mold industry and Metal press, Automobile, Automobile component, Consumer electronics, Information communication equipment, Aircraft parts, Medical parts, Energy related.


BARRIER FREE is one of the largest exhibitions related the nursing care and welfare in Western Japan. It takes place at INTEX OSAKA on every April.
The exhibition receives approximately 90,000 people every time and offers the latest information through various professional seminars, display of Welfare equipment and nursing care equipment.

Nursing care products, Wheelchairs, Canes, Welfare vehicles, Beds, Mattress, Communication equipment,
self-help tools, Computer system and etc.
The people involved Caregivers, Welfare workers(Care Managers/Care Workers etc.), Welfare facility, local governments, dealers, etc. and general people.

Post-Acute Medicine Fair/ Nursing Next/ Home Medical Care

The exhibition, which is held at INTEXO OSAKA in April every year, is multiple trade fair related to Post-Acute Medicine Fair/ Nursing Next/ Home Medical Care.
The latest medical products, nursing products and related service are displayed. Also, variety special exhibit zones and specialized seminar are offered besides showcases.

Medical, Nursing related products, Rehabilitation equipment, Hospital facilities, Nursing diet, System for visiting nursing and etc.
The people involved Medical, Nursing works(Doctors, nurses, etc.), Rehabilitation (Science and occupational therapists), Hospital, Dealers and etc.

Crime and Disaster Prevention

One of the largest exhibition related Risk management and Crisis management in Western Japan.
The latest products and services such as from emergency crime, disaster countermeasures to prepare for daily life to get together in this exhibition.
Natural disasters such as earthquake, flood and counterterrorism are focused and many kinds of specialized seminars are held.

Measures against crime, Disaster countermeasure,
Safety measure, Counterterrorism, Anti-theft measures, Information Security and etc.
The people involved Government office / Municipality, Firefighting / Police, Infrastructure, Hospital / School / Attraction facility, Manufacturer, Trading Company

KENTEN -Comprehensive Exhibition for Building Materials and Housing Equipment

The comprehensive exhibition of West Japan's largest building material and building facility cooperated with the Japan Building Materials Association.
The show has a history of more than 40 years. It's held every June at INTEX Osaka for industrial revitalization in western Japan. It receives more than 20,000 visitors each year.

Building materials, Housing equipment, Renovation, Construction software, System, Seismic Isolation Products etc.
The people involved Architectural design office, Construction shop, Construction material housing equipment manufacturer, General contractor,
Sub-contractor, Real estate developer and etc.

Kansai Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition

It is the biggest comprehensive exhibition for broadcasting equipment such as the video, the sound, and the content creation in West Japan that is held in Asia and Pacific Trade Center in July every year.
The Kansai region where the semi-key stations are gathering has business opportunities and introduces products and technologies that respond to the advancement of broadcasting technology.

Broadcast equipment and Related equipment (Sending out, Relay, Transmission, Video editing, Content creation, Acoustic, lighting and etc.)
The people involved TV station, Video Production Company, Post production, Stage, Direction, Art, Lighting related and etc.

Kansai Educational ICT Exhibition

We deliver a lot of information to education officials and corporate employee training staffs through displaying the latest equipment and system contents. Also, opening related seminars of which theme is "Boost educational power with ICT! Proposal of ICT environment that can be used at educational site" regarding introducing ICT technology.

Educational equipment, Soft, Contents, Lesson/school support system, E-learning related solution.
Board of education, Elementary, Junior high and high school, University, Cram school, Preparatory school, Vocational school, Various schools, Librarian related person, Corporate employee training staff

Kansai Inbound Exchange Meeting

Kansai Inbound Exchange Meeting delivers the latest information for everyone who aim for expanding business in inbound fields, local government and tourism organizations. Companies in tourism facilities, business, product manufacturing especially in Kansai gather in one place, so that this event is the great opportunity to find your future customers.

Local DMO, Companies who are engaged in tourism facilities and tourism business, Developer and Seller of products for foreign tourists, Payment system, Halal food and etc.
Local government/Tourism organization, DMO, Travel agency, Tour guide,
Accommodation, Restaurant, Company who is engaged in transportation project, Trading company, Manufacturer, Leisure facility, Hall/theater and etc.


CYCLE MODE is one of the biggest sports bicycle events for general consumer that is held on March and November every year. You can see and enjoy not only the newest models, bike parts and wear of famous bicycle brands, and also hands-on contents such as test-driving bicycles.


It is the biggest sports bicycle event in Japan that is held on every April in Tokyo. This is only one chance you can experience various programs and see newest models of bicycle brands from all over the world. Visitors enjoy the test-ride on a long course or search the travel information with your bike.
In addition, some road racing in public road is cooperated!

Bicycle manufacturing, Wholesale, Sales companies, Municipalities, Tourism organizations, Sports youth commerce handling companies, etc.
General bicycle users, Bicycle dealers, Municipality, Tourism Organization, Bicycle goods related companies, etc.


The biggest outdoor sports bicycle festival in Japan that is held at Expo’70 Commemorative Park in Osaka every March. You can experience the fun of bicycling through the test ride course over 2km in length.
Related items such as clothes, helmets, shoes are got together at the site.
In addition, gourmet and outdoor equipment events are co-exhibited at the same venue.

Bicycle manufacturing / Wholesale / Sales companies, Municipality, Tourism Organization, Sports youth commerce material handling company etc.
General bicycle users, Bicycle store, Municipality, Tourism Organization, Bicycle goods related companies, etc.

Technical Seminars

Various seminars are held to improve knowledge and technology for people in the industry which expertise is required. We deliver in practical contexts such as participating in on-site visits and practical skills as well as lectures.

INTERMOLD Technical Seminar

INTERMOLD Development Association holds the pay seminars and company visit tour to deliver the latest industry trend and technology information for everyone who is engaged in mold manufacturing.
The lectures are arranged by instructors who are experienced and familiar with mold industry and processing technology. These are excellent opportunities to study higher skill or development technology for people who are involved in mold processing and desire the improvement of knowledge and skill.

The people involved mold processing and related work

BARRIER FREE Upskilling Seminar

The seminars are occasionally held to improve the knowledge and practical skills to provide appropriate service for nursing care, welfare and medical activity. We deliver the practical contents included lectures and practical training.

Professionals for Nursing care, welfare, medical activity.

Official Tours

Arranging tours to experience and study the current world's situation at exhibitions in overseas and factory visits.
The general tours are also arranging. The first "Bicycle ride tour" in London was attracted cyclists in 2018.

Overseas Industrial Visit

Arranging tours to discover and study the current world's situation at exhibitions in overseas and factory visits.

Industry officials involved in mold processing, automobile industry and related manufacturing works.

CYCLE MODE Official Tour

"Running on a bicycle makes the world more fun!!"
CYCLE MODE plans "CYCLE MODE Official Tour", the innovation of enjoying everywhere on earth with a bicycle. The first tour was to cycle around in London on July 2018, and this unique tour attracted cyclists and satisfied them by enjoyment of the ride. The 2nd tour is now arranging.

People who are interested in bicycle and trip.


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Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition
Barrier Free
Post-Acute Medicine Fair
Nursing Next
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Kansai Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition
Kansai Educational ICT Exhibition