• Barrier Free 2022/Post-Acute Medicine Fair 2022/Nursing Next 2022/Home Medical Care 2022 June 8 - 10 2022 INTEX OSAKA, JAPAN

Number of Visitors

Date Weather Number of visitors
Post-Acute Medicine Fair 2022
Nursing Next 2022
Home Medical Care 2022
June 8 Fine 6,764
June 9 Fine 8,281
June 10 Fine 9,282
TOTAL 24,327

Thank you for your visiting!
Barrier Free 2023 / Post-Acute Medicine Fair 2023 / Nursing Next 2023 / Home Medical Care 2023 will be held from April 19(Wed.) to 21(Fri.) 2023.

More Familiar and Clearer.
Support your business development!

To improve a community-based integrated care system,
cooperating between nursing care and medical care is required.
Holding the comprehensive exhibition follows:
Barrier Free, Post-Acute Medicine Fair, Nursing Next, Home Medical Care
encourages cooperation between a wide range of nursing care,
welfare and medical carer, that make business chances!


'Barrier Free ONLINE' is held as a meeting platform in the time of COVID-19.

Promote the latest products and services effectively!

Promote products and service information for two and a half months using both on-site and online exhibitions.
>From 2022, visitor registration is required for viewing exhibitors information.
Exhibitors can obtain the visitor information who viewed your information page.

Exhibit only ONLINE exhibition is available!

If you exhibit an on-site exhibition, you can apply for an ONLINE for free.
Exhibit only ONLINE exhibition is available for ¥198,000. (tax included)

Exhibitor Invitation for ONLINE show

Hold a variety of seminars!

Hold a wide range of topics regarding Nursing care, Welfare, Medical care and Health care for bringing in visitors who have a strong sense of purpose.

A synergetic effect between other exhibitions which held at the same time!

Promote to a wide range of visitors from other exhibitions: Housing, living and supporting society, and it is a chance to expand your business!

What's New

The booth application for Barrier Free 2022 has started!