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In Japanese pharmaceutical law, exhibitors who wish to import medication (drug, quasi-drug, cosmetics or medical devices) for business purpose to Japan have to get "Yakkan Shoumei (certificate)" from Japanese government.
The organizer, TVO EXPRO Ltd., apply for "Yakkan Shoumei" on behalf of exhibitors. The secretariat charges the exhibitor a fee JPY 27,500 (including consumption tax) per application. Please note that items are categorized and in case of import items fall into multiple categories, the exhibitors need to submit the necessary documents for each. If the exhibitors wish to bring 2 categories of items, the secretariat charges them JPY 55,000(including consumption tax). For more details, please see the guideline.
Every exhibitor who needs "Yakkan Shoumei" can NOT hand-carry these items into Japan, so the exhibitor has to send them by courier (air or ship). Also, "Yakkan Shoumei" is only for temporary import for the exhibition, and the approved items must be returned after the show.
When the exhibitor has submitted required forms to the secretariat, it shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of contract and the content of this guideline.

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